Annie in the hot seat for all your burning questions concerning Fromance. Shoot!


Dear Annie, my girlfriend tells me that the future is vegan. Can I impress her with a tub of Fromance?

Sounds like a mighty fine gal you’ve got there. To get to the point: yes, all WildWestLand products are 100% vegan. Including the materials used for packaging.


Dear Annie, it’s me again. So I got my vegan girlfriend a tub of Cream Passionel, but when she checked out the ingredients she said ‘Hm. Coconut oil.’ in a weird way. Something to do with monkeys? What’s going on here?

Hi there. Yes, the world is a wild and crazy place. Sometimes, monkeys are used for harvesting coconuts. A very un-vegan way to pick coconuts according to many, including me. That is why we use certified organic coconut oil in our Fromance. That way we are able to guarantee that the coconuts were harvested by people, who got an honest pay out of it. No monkey business. PS: give your girl a hug from me.


Dear Annie, do WildWestLand products contain gluten?

Nope. No gluten in our products. No other products containing gluten are made alongside Fromance either, so it’s completely gluten free.


Are there E-numbers in the WildWestLand products?

Yes, some:

Cream Passionel contains E202
Garlic & Herb Affair contains E202
Unguilty Pleasure Dip contains E202, E211 and E220

E221 is sulphite, which is naturally present in leek. There is actual leek in the Unguilty Pleasure Dip which makes it taste awesome. The amount of E221 sulphite in the dip is way below the legal standard, but for the sake of completeness, we have chosen to indicate it on the packaging.

Some E202 (potassium salt) and E211 (sodium benzoate) were added because they do wonders for the shelf life of our Fromance.

All E-numbers have a safety guarantee by the European Food Safety Authority and are not harmful to your health. But if you have a strong reaction to any of those, you might want to be extra careful.


How much salt is used in the products?

WildWestLand products can be compared to traditional cream cheeses on the market. The amount of salt per product is indicated in the nutritional value table on the product.

Are there other allergens in the products?

Happy to tell you that our Fromances are free of the following allergens:

Contains no
soy, gluten, sesame, celery, peanut, lupine, egg, shellfish or (other) animal products.

The Unguilty Pleasure Dip contains small amounts of mustard and sulfur dioxide. So be careful if you have a thing with those.

Dear Annie, GMO’s make me queasy. Is Fromance GMO free?

Glad you asked! Because our products are all GMO free.


What about your coconut oil?

We only use certified organic coconut oil in all our products. We have always vouched for real vegan coconut oil, so no monkey labor. We use organic coconut oil in our vegan spreads. Our supplier guarantees that it’s monkey labor-free.


Dear Annie, if there’s one thing I love it’s cheese. And if there’s one thing I hate, it’s greenwashing.
How sustainable is Fromance really?

You have your priorities straight, pal. Here’s the score: the whole WildWestLand thing started because I wanted to prove that plant-based cheese (which beats traditional dairy on every account if you’re talking sustainability), can taste truly fantastic. So any Fromance I bring to the market, is both tasty and sustainable. How sustainable? Plant-based cheese is a giant leap in the right direction compared to animal dairy. Apart from being good news for the cows, it makes a huge difference in CO2 and methane emissions, land and water use. We’re not entirely carbon neutral yet, but it is a serious ambition of ours.


All proceeds from WildWestLand go right back into the development of ever better Fromance, both from the taste and the sustainability perspective. So keep an eye on us for further improvements.


Just spreads??? I want ripe, old, savory, hard cheese that’s what!

Ah, I hear you my friend. That is what us cheese lovers are truly after, isn’t it. But here’s the thing. We don’t just make plant-based cheese for the sake of it, we make it for real cheese enthusiasts. People like you, if I’m not mistaken. That is why we only bring a product to the market if we consider it to taste absolutely fantastic. Indistinguishable from the taste we are used to.

Believe me we are working tirelessly on improving the flavor of plant-based hard cheeses too. And once we get there, get ready for the cheese platter party of your life.


Darn this small print. Where can I find the best before date of the products?

Yeah, I know. Sorry about that. Here are some directions, hope it helps:

Cream Passionel: look on the side of the tub
Unguilty Pleasure Dip and Garlic & Herb Affair: check the lid

Dear Annie, I believe Fromance is best enjoyed in small doses.
How long can I store WildWestLand products after opening?

Wow, can you teach me how? Because somehow those tubs don’t last a day in my fridge. Anyway – our products have a limited shelf life after opening. Keep ‘em cool and they last longest – I recommend a temperature of 7 degrees Celsius.


Can WildWestLand products still be eaten after the best before date?

Our products meet strict quality requirements up to the best before date. After that, it is a good idea to smell and taste before you dig in.

Dear Annie, how can I be sure everything is okay with my tub of Fromance?

Dear you. From factory to supermarket, your tub of Fromance is kept cool and closely monitored every step of the way. Should you feel something is wrong, please let me know as soon as possible.

Dear Annie, I live in what’s best described as a Fromance desert.
Not a single tub to be found in my area, what should I do?

Oh you poor dear. Tell you what. If you have an Albert Heijn nearby, ask if they can stock some for you – they should know the way. If that doesn’t help, you can always order some online yourself at

Dear Annie, do you believe in product innovation for the sake of product innovation?

Heck no. I don’t. I like classics. But if we happen to think up something truly delicious, we might surprise you. So keep an eye on me just in case, why don’t you?