• New: Unguilty Pleasure Dip!

    Terribly addictive and perfect for dunking veggies, crackers or just your fingers in. There’s two kinds: natural and tomato. Both slightly less sweet than the familiar guilty pleasure with dairy. Both Unguilty Pleasure Dips are available at Lidl from the 4th of August!

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all plants all good

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full of flavor for the love of cheese

  • Dutch cheese tradition has entered the 21st century. And it's made of plants.

    “We love cheese. Truly, madly, deeply. And we want to keep enjoying it for generations to come. I’m talking climate neutral cheese, with zero compromise to taste, obviously. They told me it couldn't be done, so it became my personal mission (friends would say: obsession) to find a way to make it happen. And guess what I ran into, right in my own backyard. A guy wearing a ridiculous cowboy hat. Full of plant-based talk. I thought he was crazy at first. But here we are.”

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