Belgium says ‘yes’ to Fromance

After making many Dutch friends (and we all share the same obsession: cheese) I am glad to share with you all that we’re extending the party Southward & down. Belgian friends can now find Garlic & Herb Affair at Albert Heijn throughout the country! In shops as well as online (where Cream Passionel is available too). Just in time for Try Vegan month!


November = Try Vegan month

Every year in November, the whole of Belgium is tempted to try vegan. How? With Try Vegan: free delicious menus, recipes and tips for a whole month. Participants receive a starter guide, weekly menus and shopping lists. Try Vegan is a great success every year, because 30 days is the ideal period to learn new eating habits. WildWestLand is a proud supporter of this initiative – it’s hands down the most hassle-free way to try a more plant-based lifestyle. Do you live in the Netherlands and would you like to participate? No problem, everything is online. Go ahead and register via

XX Annie


I had a lovely talk with Be Vegan (the good people behind Try Vegan) about veganism, the WildWestLand story and, of course, cheese. Read it here if you like.

Shop online at And click here to join Try Vegan month for free


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